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‘Global Evidence for a High Cenozoic Flood Boundary’ – Dr. Timothy Clarey sprak voor de livestream van Logos Research Associates

Dr. Timothy Clarey is de huisgeoloog van Institute for Creation Research en deed een groot deel van zijn leven onderzoek naar geologische verschijnselen. Hij een voorstander van de zogenoemde ‘High-Cenozoic Flood Boundary’. Deze visie steekt hij niet onder stoelen of banken. Afgelopen week was hij te gast in de livestream van Logos Research Associates om daar delen van zijn werk te presenteren.

Onder de video staat een uitgebreide beschrijving (in het Engels):

This presentation will focus on global geological and geophysical evidence that indicate the Noahic Flood deposited the bulk of the Cenozoic. It will begin with a discussion of the amount of seafloor created after the K-Pg boundary and continue with a discussion of the massive volume of sediment deposited globally during the Cenozoic. In addition, most of the world’s mountain ranges were uplifted during the Cenozoic. It examines key Biblical locations, including Turkey and the Middle East, where marine rocks are found continuous from the Cretaceous up through the Upper Cenozoic. Many other evidences will also be presented, like extensive offshore and onshore coals deposited in the Cenozoic and the Whopper Sand in the Gulf of Mexico. These are best explained as part of the Flood. The geophysical data indicate the Flood mechanism (CPT) was not over or slowing down until the end of the Cenozoic. All of these data, the massive uplift of mountains and basin subsidence, the plate motion and collision, and the deposition of roughly one-third of the Phanerozoic rocks during the Cenozoic indicate the Flood ended at about the N-Q boundary (Neogene-Quaternary).