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Fossil Discontinuities: Refutation of Darwinism & Confirmation of Intelligent Design – Dr. Günter Bechly sprak voor Forum of Christian Leaders (FOCL)

In 2018 hield paleontoloog dr. Günter Bechly (geen jongeaardecreationist) een lezing voor Forum of Christian Leaders (FOCL) over discontinuïteit in het fossielenarchief.1 Deze lezing is de moeite van het kijken/luisteren waard. Met dank aan FOCL kunnen wij deze lezing terugkijken via het YouTube-kanaal van de organisatie.

Op het YouTube-kanaal wordt ook een soort samenvatting gegeven: “The fossil record is dominated by abrupt appearances of new body plans and new groups of organisms. This conflicts with the gradualistic prediction of Darwinian Evolution. Here 18 explosive origins in the history of life are described, demonstrating that the famous Cambrian Explosion is far from being the exception to the rule. Also the fossil record establishes only very brief windows of time for the origin of complex new features, which creates a ubiquitous waiting time problem for the origin and fixation of the required coordinated mutations. This refutes the viability of the Neo-Darwinian evolutionary process as the single conceivable naturalistic or mechanistic explanation for biological origins, and thus confirms Intelligent Design as the only reasonable alternative.